Alive & Well Checks

A crucial aspect of managing long-term workers’ compensation and disability claims is validating that claimants, dependents, and widows are still qualified to receive their benefits. Over time, it is important to verify that benefit checks are being delivered to the correct recipient and are being cashed by the appropriate party.

An Alive & Well Check involves a face-to-face interview with the claimant to confirm his or her identity and address, verify that checks are being received, and review other lifestyle details that may impact eligibility.

Alive & Well Checks are conducted professionally and tactfully by investigators who are familiar with your specific goals.

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An Alive & Well Check includes:

  • Claimant photo
  • Medical treatment details
  • Current medications
  • Sources of income
  • Employment status
  • Physical activities
  • Residence verification
  • Lifestyle assessment

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