Electronic Data Recovery

Rapid changes in technology and advanced mobile devices have given rise to a new type of investigation. Electronic Data Recovery, also known as Digital Forensics, is the process of uncovering and interpreting digital information for the purpose of reconstructing past events.

Because personal electronic devices are used on a daily basis to take photographs, send texts and emails, consult maps, and search the web, they are often one of the richest sources of evidence about a claimant’s activities and whereabouts.

Our talented forensics team provides thorough data recovery that goes beyond what’s on the surface. With the ability to recover, decrypt, and present records of stored data, even after the data has been erased or destroyed, our approach ensures that every aspect of a device’s use is fully uncovered throughout the investigative process

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Our team can extract data from devices such as:

  • Computers & laptops
  • iPads & tablets
  • Cell phones
  • Hard drives
  • Removable storage devices
  • Server & cloud storage

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