Facility Canvasses

Merge Investigations, Inc.’s Facility Canvass Investigations can reveal the pre- and post-date of loss medical history of a claimant. Such information can be used to contradict the validity of an injury claim, cast doubt on the severity of the loss, and identify opportunities to mitigate the claim in a more favorable direction.

The results of a Facility Canvass may determine if:

  • A claimant’s medical history has impacted an injury sustained at work, developing opportunities for apportionment
  • A claimant’s reported injuries may have occurred outside the course of employment
  • A claimant has an unusual pattern of medical treatment activity
  • A claimant has a history of prior claims
  • A claimant’s prescription pattern indicates the existence of a previous injury or medication abuse
  • A claimant is engaging in physical activities that exceed his or her alleged restrictions

Merge Investigations, Inc. has developed unique investigative processes to ensure that our results are accurate and verified. Our findings are delivered to you in an easy-to-read report, organized by service date and geographic location.

Facility Canvasses are performed by licensed investigators who are trained to complete all assignments in compliance with strict privacy laws pertaining to the ethical retrieval of medical information.

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Merge Investigations, Inc. offers a variety of Facility Canvassing options, not all of which are medical facilities:

  • Hospital Canvass
  • Urgent Care/Clinic Canvass
  • Pharmacy Canvass
  • Diagnostic/Imaging Facility Canvass
  • Physician Canvass
  • Orthopedic Canvass
  • Chiropractic Canvass
  • Psychological Canvass
  • Physical Therapy Canvass
  • Gym & Health Club Canvass
  • Golf Club & Golf Course Canvass
  • Storage Facility Canvass
  • Educational Institution Canvass
  • Athletic League Canvass

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